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Dr. Orfanoudaki Irene MD  PhD  - The  annual  Gynecological  check

 Δρ. Ορφανουδάκη Ειρήνη MD Phd - Ο ετήσιος Γυναικολογικός έλεγχος
 Δρ. Ορφανουδάκη Ειρήνη MD Phd - Ο ετήσιος Γυναικολογικός έλεγχος
 Δρ. Ορφανουδάκη Ειρήνη MD Phd - Ο ετήσιος Γυναικολογικός έλεγχος

The examinations of the annual Gynecological check

Gynecological examination is a "process" that many women are unaware of.

At least once a year, each woman must undergo a Preventive Gynecological Examination.

It is very important for a woman's health, well-being and fertility. 

also  It is very important to know when you need to be and what it entails.

The most well-known and widespread gynecological examination is

Pap test. 

But although it is an important examination , it is not in itself a complete annual gynecological examination.  


Proper control includes a series of tests that must be performed systematically at least once a year in order to have proper prevention and treatment.


Specifically, these are the following exams:


  • Gynecological examination

The gynecologist will record your history which indicates the situations that could cause a problem and should be checked specifically.

The examination by the gynecologist includes the external and internal examination of the genitals and the internal palpation.

The examination begins with a gynecological examination in which the vulva, lips and the entrance of the vagina are examined.

The vagina dilator is then inserted to examine the vagina and cervix.

Observations are made for any lesions, infections, unusual secretions, anatomical abnormalities.

In case there are unusual secretions that indicate infection, then culture of vaginal fluid is recommended to find and treat the infection.   


  • Pap test 

It is the collection of cells from the cervix.

The sample is taken from the entrance of the cervix and the sample is sent to the laboratory.

The only discomfort a woman may feel is when finding the cervix, which lasts less than a moment.

Prerequisite for the test is that you do not have a period when you take it and you did not have free sexual intercourse the day before.

A more advanced form of Pap test,  is the thin prep liquid phase Pap test . 

This is the liquid cytological phase of the Pap test.

The sample is not placed on a "tile", but in a bottle with liquid. Thin Prep has a slightly higher sensitivity for detecting malformations than the conventional test, so it is easier to see possible abnormalities of the cervical cells.  


  • Ultrasound of uterus - ovaries - fallopian tubes 

The ultrasound is done to visualize the anatomy of the internal genitals in order to diagnose any problems such as fibroids, cysts, solid structures, etc.

Ultrasound also examines the surrounding areas for swelling (douglas fluid) that could indicate infections or other pathologies. 

In addition to the abdominal ultrasound, the gynecologist can also recommend a transvaginal ultrasound, for greater clarity and imaging of the abdomen.  


  • Colposcopy 

In case of pathological Pap tests, the annual preventive examination is completed by colposcopy, by the gynecologist. 

The colposcopy identifies the areas that are damaged so that the doctor can diagnose and give you treatment.  


During the annual gynecological examination, the breasts are palpated by the gynecologist, in order to find possible formations in the breast.

Breast examination begins at age 37 with mammography and breast ultrasound.


The preventive gynecological examination is done once a year for women who do not have problems.


In case problems are diagnosed, such as infections and bleeding, then after the treatment, a re-examination is performed.


With the annual preventive gynecological examination, the small problems that may be diagnosed are definitely in the early stages and then they will be completely curable.


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