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Dr. Orfanoudaki Irene MD PhD -  Laser vaginal reconstruction 


Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation LVR)

Aesthetic gynecology is a latest development in clinical gynecology with the aim of restoring the health of the structures of the perinatal area and relieving the annoying symptoms.
The female body is constantly affected by many factors that cause disorders in the body's systems.

Especially in the perinatal area, where there is the reproductive system  as well as a number of pelvic floor muscles, cause stress and dysfunction that affect the proper functioning of the organs of the area.

The natural aging of the female body, childbirth, menopause, lack of physical exercise, weight gain, hormonal disorders, heredity and other factors, can create a range of unpleasant to unbearable symptoms, even in young women. .
Such symptoms may be:

  • atrophy of the vagina and vulva

  • vaginal dryness, burning sensation, stinging and itching in the sensitive area

  • the painful sexual intercourse

  • vulvodynia, vulvodynia

  • mild or severe urinary incontinence

  • recurrent vaginitis and urinary tract infections

  • the relaxation of the vaginal walls  

  • uterine prolapse, etc.

A very large percentage of women (> 60%) experience at least one of the above symptoms, while in many women 2 or more problems coexist at the same time.

For these cases, gynecology has incorporated new therapeutic techniques from medical Lasers that offer safe and personalized treatments, aimed at restoring the elasticity and tone of the muscles of the vaginal area and the regeneration of the mucosa.

The thermal energy of the Lasers stimulates the natural process of cell renewal (neocollagenogenesis), corrects the pH of the vagina and achieves the renewal and tightening of the vaginal tissues and the structures of the area.

In our Clinic we use the advanced Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Smaxel Fractional CO2, which offers personalized fractional photorejuvenation treatments with safety and effectiveness.

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What are the advantages of Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, vaginal rejuvenation method

As the energy of the Laser activates the collagen fibers, the natural process of cell renewal, tightening and rejuvenation of the area begins immediately.
The first results of rehabilitation treatment appear immediately and are maximized over time.
The main advantages of Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation are:

  • is a painless and bloodless process

  • is fast and minimally invasive

  • instantly restores the elasticity of the vaginal walls

  • offers local tightening of peripheral structures and correction-improvement of urinary incontinence

  • restores the pH of the vagina and the vaginal flora, stimulates the normal lubrication of the vagina, stops dryness, atrophy and reduces until it eliminates vaginitis and vaginitis

  • stops pain during sexual intercourse and improves the quality of sex life.


What is the procedure in Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment


The session takes place at the Clinic and lasts from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the incident. 
The patient is lying in a gynecological bed and the gynecologist Mrs. Orfanoudaki will apply the appropriate Laser head to the vagina, following the treatment protocols.
The treatment does not require anesthesia and is very tolerable by the patient. Depending on the case, the doctor applies special lubricating gels that help the treatment process.
At the end of the treatment the doctor will give written instructions to the patient who can continue the activities of the day.

Depending on the incident, the time of each session with Laser treatment varies as well as the number of sessions needed.
Usually a complete treatment includes 3 Laser sessions (the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd month).
Achieving the maximum therapeutic effect comes in the 3rd month and after the last session. Depending on the body's response and the severity of the incident, Laser repeat treatment may be needed after 1 year.

Vaginal rejuvenation treatment via Smaxel Fractional CO2 offers proven outstanding clinical results, avoiding surgery and recovery times. It is a quick procedure, does not require any preparation from the patient, it is painless and economical.
The results are spectacular and depending on the case the maximum therapeutic effect is achieved after the 3rd session.

The gynecological obstetric clinic of Dr. Orfanoudaki, has the latest generation Fractional CO2 Laser SMAXEL which is a reliable choice with immediate and excellent results.

The obstetrician-gynecologist surgeon Dr. Orfanoudaki specializes in Laser Therapies and holds the Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Gynecology International Society of Aesthetic Gentital Surgery and Sexology & American Society of Cosmetic Physicians. , Fat injection and Hymenoplasty) and Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation / Tightening (including use of Derma Filler, RF (Radio Frequency), Laser, Carboxytherapy, PRP and Bleaching in Intimate Area).

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