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Dr. Orfanoudaki Irene MD  PhD  - Our first  Appointment as a future mom  

Dear expectant mom,

your pregnancy will  lasts 40 weeks and is divided into 3 quarters

(1st, 2nd, 3rd).


The first week of your pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last period.

The change of month occurs 10 days after this date.


Our first appointment should take place in the 6th to 7th week of your pregnancy, where with an ultrasound, usually transvaginal, we will see the heart of your new life beating!


Also with the ultrasound we will rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy and we will see if your pregnancy is single or twin.

In our first appointment we will set the probable date of your birth since the earlier the measurement of the length of the fetus is done, the more accurate is the determination of its age.


On your first visit we will record your weight.

In fact, this will be done on each of your visits to check if it is in line with the week of pregnancy you are going through.  


In addition we will do a culture of vaginal fluid to see if there is any infection that could cause problems in your pregnancy, as well as we will do some hematological and biochemical tests.


From now on our appointments will be every month, in order to certify the smooth development of your pregnancy.

Η Ιατρική για την Γυναίκα αποκτά Νέα διάσταση στο Ιατρείο μου !

Μία Ιατρική χωρίς φόβο και πολύ φροντίδα, βασισμένη στις τελευταίες ιατρικές εφαρμογές ! 

Σας προσκαλώ με αγάπη για μία σχέση Ιατρού – Ασθενούς σε βάσεις ειλικρινείας και φροντίδας !

Ειρήνη Ορφανουδάκη

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