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Dr. Orfanoudaki Irene MD  PhD  -  Ultrasound of fetal development

The fetal developmental ultrasound is a necessary examination that must be done by  7th  her week  pregnancy up to the 40th week,  to assess the development and health of the fetus.  


It is one of the most important tests of your pregnancy and is performed intra-abdominal.

With the ultrasound examination we will check the anatomy and the development of the fetus, while at the same time we will exclude any fetal problems.


In fact, in the 12th week of pregnancy we determine exactly the age  pregnancy and fetal development.


With the Ultrasound of fetal development will:

  • calculate fetal development (biometrics) 

  • look at the anatomy  of the fetus 

  • evaluate the placenta in position and morphology 

  • evaluate the amount of amniotic fluid 

  • examine the movements of the fetus 

  • look at Dopplers flows, the blood flow in various vessels of the mother and fetus.  


In cases where the fetus has the appropriate position, then its imaging is done by the method of 3D 3D ultrasound.

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Μία Ιατρική χωρίς φόβο και πολύ φροντίδα, βασισμένη στις τελευταίες ιατρικές εφαρμογές ! 

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Ειρήνη Ορφανουδάκη

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