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Dr. Orfanoudaki Irene MD PhD - PRP Gynecological Treatment

Regenerative Gynecology - PRP Gynecological Treatment

In recent years, the science of aesthetic gynecology offers a wide range of treatments for disorders of the female genital area, complementing clinical gynecology with effective methods and techniques.

One of the newer but reliable therapeutic methods of aesthetic gynecology is Autologous PRP Mesotherapy of the genital and perinatal female area. It is a non-invasive method applied to the recovery and treatment of many problems that afflict the female population.

What is PRP autologous mesotherapy (Platelet Rich Plasma)

It is one of the most modern and widely used treatments which is applicable in the entire spectrum of Medical science (Dermatology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Surgery, Dentistry, Immunology, etc.).

The basic principle of the method is based on the action of platelets, which have the ability to release special growth factors, which in turn activate the body's natural processes for healing, repairing and regenerating damaged tissues.

As we mentioned above, the method is based on a completely natural process since it uses the patient's own blood plasma and its application is related to modern regenerative medicine.

In which women is PRP gynecological treatment indicated?

Over time, as the production of collagen and elastin in the woman's body decreases, the organs, tissues and structures of the body age and decline, as a result of which their functions are disturbed, as well as their aesthetic firmness and freshness.

Especially in women, the reduction in estrogen production affects the entire body, especially their reproductive system.

As women age (especially postmenopausal women), a host of anatomical and functional changes take place in their genital area.

Decreased tissue perfusion, atrophy of the mucous membranes, relaxation of the labia minora and majora, relaxation of the vagina, disorders in the vaginal epithelium, increase in PH in the vaginal fluids, appearance of autoimmune lesions, frequent vulvovaginitis, urinary infections, etc. are observed.

At the same time, many women experience a decrease in their sexual desire and satisfaction, while many suffer from pain during sexual intercourse, even during urination.

In all these cases, the solution comes from Regenerative Gynecology and in particular PRP therapy, which utilizes the growth factors produced by the woman's own blood, aiming at the perfusion, regeneration, healing and reconstruction of the tissues of the vulva area , the periurethral area, the clitoris and especially the vagina.

PRP treatment is fully biocompatible, safe and very well tolerated by the patient during its application.

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PRP Gynecological treatment is indicated for women (regardless of age) who experience one or more of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Frequent changes in their vaginal flora

  • Burning sensation, frequent inflammations, eczema, bartholinitis, hidroadenitis, atrophic vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, urinary tract infections, etc.

  • Dyspareunia, bulbodynia

  • Autoimmune lesions of the vulva or perineum, such as lichen atrophic and lichen sclerosus

  • Vulvar bleeding, atrophic or hyperplastic vulvitis

  • Anatomical lesions from perineotomy

  • Disorder of sexual desire and arousal

  • Requirement to improve sexual function

  • Orgasm disorder

  • Relaxation of the pelvic floor and relaxation of the anatomical structures of the genital area

  • Incontinence

  • Menopause

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How PRP Gynecological Treatment is carried out

The procedure is done in the Clinic, it is simple, safe and very well tolerated by the patient. The Gynecologist will take a small amount of blood from the patient (20 - 50 ml by blood sampling) and follow the centrifugation process to separate the platelets. The growth factors are then activated by adding a solution of nucleotides and calcium ions.

The therapeutic preparation is injected by the Doctor in the places where the treatment will be performed on the patient, through a very small needle. The areas where the injections will be made have been decided primarily by the Doctor according to the mapping of the areas and the planning of the treatment plan to be followed. The mechanism of action of the growth factors introduced into the tissues begins immediately by causing the production of collagen and elastin, the repair of damage and the reconstruction of the affected area.

Therapeutic Benefits of Gynecological PRP Therapy

The method is superior to other techniques since it is painless, non-invasive, completely non-traumatic, has no side effects and is based on the healing properties of the body itself.

At the same time, it is economical, does not require anesthesia and hospitalization and is carried out in the Clinic, as part of the gynecological appointment with the Doctor.

Gynecological autologous PRP mesotherapy offers incomparably better results compared to other treatment methods. Regeneration of pathological areas is achieved slowly and smoothly and therapeutic benefits are maximized over time.

PRP gynecological treatment literally changes a woman's life, relieves her of many serious clinical problems, restores the lost vitality and youthfulness of the affected areas and increases sexual desire and pleasure.

Combination of treatments

The gynecological autologous PRP mesotherapy is perfectly combined with the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation LVR treatment that we offer at our Gynecology Clinic.

The therapeutic application of the vaginal Laser shortly before the injection of the growth factors, stimulates the affected area and more directly activates the activity of the PRP treatment.

For the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment, you can read in detail here >

For the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment, you can read in detail here >

The Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic of Dr. Orfanoudakis Irene, offers a comprehensive approach to every woman's problem, covering the entire spectrum of valid diagnosis, targeted treatment and effective treatment.

For more information or to book your appointment call us at 2810 343376

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